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We desperately need any help you can provide! Please contact us at the email address at the bottom of the page if you can help with any of these projects. Or fill out this PDF volunteer profile form LFA North Texas Chapter Volunteer Form and mail it in to the address on the form. Thank you!
Website Project
Keep website up to date with current information.
Physician's Referral List Project
Contact physicians to see if they wish to be on our referral list (we have a questionnaire form). Give updated information to person handling website.
Donation/Memorial Acknowledgement Project
Print out thank you letters for donations and memorials.
National Inquiry Reports Project
On monthly reports from the National Lupus Foundation, figure out which inquires came from our geographic area. There's a website to help you find out which county a zip code is in, so this is easy, just a bit tedious.
Phonebook Project
Contact phonebook companies and provide updated information on our Chapter for phonebooks in major cities of our geography.
Email Response Project
Respond to email inquiries. These are primarily requests on information about the support groups.
Special Event Flyers Project
Help design flyers for special events to be mailed out. Help design flyers to be faxed to doctor's offices.
Mailings Project
Help print out flyers and assemble them for mailing.
Funeral Home Project
Find out how funeral homes get addresses of nonprofits for memorial donations and ensure they have our correct address. We've had some problems with funeral homes providing incorrect addresses.
Event Pricing Project
Contact local hotels and get non-profit pricing on meeting rooms and refreshments.
Minority Outreach Project
Compile a list of local African American publications so we can advertise in them, compile a list of predominately African American churches so we can send them information, etc.
If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions please email us at volunteer@lupus-northtexas.org.
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